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20 March 2020

The following decisions regarding the 2020 season and the operations of the Gloucestershire Bowls Association (GBA) have been taken by the GBA Joint Executive Committee :  

 The Gloucestershire Bowls Association wishes to reinforce that all measures decided by Public Health England and the UK Government, for the good of everyone in the UK, will be supported and we wish to restate their importance.

 All GBA events and meetings, including all matches and competitions, will be cancelled until 1st July.  The programme for the remainder of the year will be reviewed on or about 1st June 2020.  This is in line with the decisions of our governing body, Bowls England.

 The 2020 GBA Presidential team(s) will roll-over to 2021, to ensure that all members of the team(s) will enjoy a full year in their role.

Following decisions taken by Bowls England, the GBA will:

1. Engage in the process of returning the 2020 Bowls England element of the annual affiliation fees (£5.00 per head) to clubs.  This money will be returned to the GBA, who will have the responsibility for passing it to the clubs.

2. Aim to return as much as possible of the 2020 GBA element of the annual affiliation fees (£4.00 per head) to clubs.  The amount will be decided by the GBA Joint Executive Committee - with an accounting of any expenditure - as will the mechanism for repayment of both elements.

3. The GBA will consult in the near future, whether or not entry fees to the National Championship events in 2020 and to the purely County Competitions in 2020 will be simply rolled-over to 2021, or will be refunded.  There are arguments and problems too, with either approach.

The GBA will not make other choices on behalf of the Gloucestershire bowls clubs.  Each club is an entity and must be responsible for its own decisions, and for the ways in which it responds to Public Health England and the UK Government restrictions.  But the GBA will pass on additional guidance on all matters from the national governing body.