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Clubs needing the services of an Umpire or a qualified Marker, please contact the co-ordinator for the County:

                      (To be decided)

Tel -

Email –     

Similarly, should a GBA member wish to become

an Umpire or a qualified Marker, they should also

 please contact   .................   .


Over the last few years, Gloucestershire has seen more and more bowls coaches become qualified, supporting bowlers to enjoy the sport.  But we still need more coaches - could you make a good coach?

Anyone interested in becoming a qualified coach might find it useful to discuss the options and what is required with David Rolls, Gloucestershire’s Bowls Development Officer *.  David tutors courses for coaches in Gloucestershire and further afield, and has already trained well over 100 coaches.

Details of recognised courses may be found on the ‘Coach Bowls’ website ( where you can also find details of courses currently planned across England.  A current list of such courses is regularly circulated to clubs by the County Administrator.

* Bowls Development Officer   David Rolls (Gloucester Spa)